Notes to Self (2009)

A personal piece about the moments of doubt that we encounter in our lives. In Notes to Self, I question myself on several levels. I struggle with my relationship to photography. I wonder if, in our world of the ubiquitous image, it is worth pursuing photography as an art form.

At the same time, I contextualize this interrogation within sites of importance. I place the phrase “I have lost focus” at my workplace during a time in which I struggle to balance education and work. The phrase “Does it mean anything?” is placed at the Eaton Centre, a venue familiar to me as it is near my home yet in which I am continuously amazed at the rampant consumerism present. “I have no idea” is in response to my questions about my future in art. Are these galleries I am striving to exhibit in? Will I get there? Is that the end goal? The statement is also an acceptance of the realization that one frankly knows very little.

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