Alexandra Majerus (aka Alex, aka Sandy) is a multidisciplinary lens-based artist. With a half-Caribbean background that can be traced for 400 years through multiple islands in the anglo-Caribbean, she has migrated repeatedly between Barbados and Canada, lived in France for five years and spends time in Cuba.

Her practice as a whole examines the Caribbean from the perspective of a transcultural person living in Toronto. It varies from the political to more personal but there is always an intersection in which she explores meaning, power structures, identity and how that connects to the larger geopolitical context we live in. Her practice uses tools, such as opacity and subversion, found in the Caribbean critical theory of Edouard Glissant and Stuart Hall. An IAMD MFA 2017 graduate from OCAD University, her thesis investigated the culture and history of Caribbean countries and their diasporas within their frameworks of colonialism and forms of neo-colonialism, in particular tourism, through the lens of the landscape. Majerus explored the dynamics of subjectivity and agency that lie between the constructed perception of the Caribbean as Paradise that comes from the history of tourism and the everyday lived experience of the people in that very same landscape of “paradise”. Her more personal artwork frequently looks at the meaning of home to explore family, class, notions of taste, migration and loss.

Majerus has exhibited in Canada, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Trinidad, Bulgaria, Portugal and Paraguay. She is on the Special Events and Fundraising Committee of Gallery 44. She is also the Director of Unpack Studio Art Projects & Havana Residency.

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