Dynasty (2016) 

Dynasty explores family history and changing values and lives. This series of still life photographs document objects found in my mother’s home in Barbados. The objects carry the memories and life stories of my grandparents, great-aunt and uncle and my parents. The objects range from common Barbadian and Caribbean objects, such as baskets and sea shells, to fine glassware that my grandmother and great-aunt received on their wedding days. Items that would traditionally be passed down through the generations but as our family decreases in number, I am left with questions.

  • How are objects that were in one era essential for any middle-class home then unnecessary in another era? Yet have finer craftsmanship than the type of objects that are frequently in Western homes.

  • What would I do with objects that I do not need nor have any space for in my own home yet have sentimental value?

  • As a woman with no children, what would I do with the objects after I die?

post card 

Installation examples of part of the series at Thames Art Gallery and Quest Art Gallery.

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