Beach (2015)

If one searches the word paradise on the internet, the image of a beach appears. Having grown up in the Caribbean, I am aware of the geographical beauty of the region but also the stereotypical perception of the first-world notion of paradise. Beach takes up the image of Accra Beach, Barbados as both specific and generic. It is instantly recognizable to me as it is a location that I have gone to my entire life, at times daily, but at the same time the image can stand in for any representation of Beach as Paradise in a marketing campaign. Formally, the installation of standard 4x6 inch print keeps the image in the language of the vacation photograph and white borders and super-saturated colours references the postcard. The long series of images creates a horizon or point of view. Collected memories of that beach, drawn from myself, my mother, family and friends, are narrated onto the images to reflect about the present, the past, our lives and the lives of people who have worked at Accra Beach to create a space in which the lived experience - good, bad, exciting, mundane - enters into the privileged stereotype of paradise.

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